Privacy on Facebook

I have heard all the fuss about privacy on Facebook in recent years and am still wondering what kind of privacy these people have been so seriously complaining about. In the internet and telecommunication era, you expose your location once you turn on your device connecting to the Internet or mobile networks. You also expose your interests every time when you click on a link or type a word on your device. The search engines or the APPs, including Facebook, you often used would eventually know your interests and preferences.

However, these kinds of information are nothing related to your social security numbers, your bank account details or your assets, and of course not the shape of your private part, if you are always careful enough not to expose them on the Internet.

But why are there so many people care so much about it? It’s really beyond my keen. I don’t care if someone knows that I like black chocolate, or beautiful girls either naked or not. It would be nice, if Google or Facebook could provide such information proactively. The trade off between my personal preferences and a free service like Facebook is well worth it!

BTW, Facebook has been the my best idea for investment among big tech companies since 2017.

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