Infinera, the Jean Maker in Web Gold Rush

We all know the famous story of Levis Jeans. ( When the California gold rush was in full swing in 1853, Levi Strauss invented Jeans, which satisfied the demand of miners who wanted strong lasting pants.

Now, it’s the web gold rush. Companies (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Netflix and etc.) invested billions of dollars in smart phone, Internet TV, web games, cloud computing, video streaming and so on. All these businesses have to deliver their content or services via networks. Cisco predicts that the number of network-connected devices will be more than 15 billion, twice the world’s population, by 2015. In the fifth annual Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast (2010-2015), the company also said the total amount of global Internet traffic will quadruple by 2015 and reach 966 exabytes per year. With this projection, the industry needs strong lasting networks, which mean scalable, liable and easy to manage networks.

In 2000, Infinera looked forward and saw Internet coming to a point where networks would have problems scaling up to meet demand. The company then spent its whole life developing a solution. It later developed a transformational technology, the Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC), and set itself apart from the crowd. With PIC, Infinera can build a Digital Optical Network which enables carriers to deploy an optical service platform into metro, regional, and long haul core transport networks to maximize service flexibility, minimize bandwidth costs, simplify network operations, and consolidate network architectures. In fact, Infinera is the only company can provide such network with the revolutionary technology. The high-tech jean is ready and the web gold rush is at the beginning stage. The business and the share price of Infinera is going take off in 2 years time.

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